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Special Needs School - Tailored To Their Needs

Special Needs School | Esther School Inc - Bradenton, FL

Esther School Inc offers an upscale education to students K -12th grade. Our special needs school will provide your child with a well-rounded curriculum whether he or she is in preschool, pre-k or kindergarten. Our objective is to provide students with the tools necessary to excel academically. It is our privilege to provide an education that will help them progress to become successful adults who are independent and productive members of society.

We educate our special needs children in Bradenton, FL to reach their full potential. No matter what your child’s special needs may be, we aim to help them overcome those challenges. Among the quality content areas they receive in our special needs school, your child will learn to solve their problems in a systematic fashion, develop their creativity skills and build social skills. When your child becomes one of our special needs kindergarten, pre-k, or preschool students, they will be taught the spirit of excellence.

Our special needs school specializes in working with children who have the following disabilities:

Learning—We realize that each student learns in different ways. Therefore, after we provide diagnostic testing, we will create a curriculum specific for your child. For example, if you child has dyslexia, we will work with your child to help him succeed academically despite the disability.

Physical—Physical handicaps can also hinder a child’s mental development and self-esteem. We will set the foundation for your child to understand they can still live a fulfilling life. We will show them ways to overcome any hindrances they may have.

We offer a curriculum that will meet your child’s needs. As a matter of fact, our students become so driven, they become mature and caring alumni, who are qualified to teach other children with special needs.

No matter what your child’s special needs are, we will test them and begin instructing them at their current levels. We will help them progress beyond their imaginations. Give us a call for more information.