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Christian Services - Word Of God

Christian Services | Esther School Inc - Bradenton, FL

Esther School Inc incorporates Judeo-Christian values throughout our curriculum in Bradenton, FL. While in our care, we will teach your child the basic concepts of the Word of God. As they learn, they will realize that God placed them on the earth for a reason and purpose. They will learn, early in their lives, that school is important to obtain the knowledge they need. Our Christian services will help students develop the talents God has given them to succeed.

Our students will learn to value their lives from God’s point of view. Not only will we teach them how to be independent learners, but we will teach and exemplify Godly wisdom and character while in their presence. Our educational and Christian services will lay the proper foundations for your child to carry with them throughout their lives. Give us a call to enroll your child.

Our Christian services stretch far beyond our classrooms. Your child will have access to the following services, including:

Tutoring—We realize some of our students may need extra help to develop their reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Your child will have access to our tutoring services.

Counseling—We have certified counselors who will help your child through any type of problem that hinders growth and learning. We will allow them the opportunity to talk about their problems, we will offer biblical based solutions and we will communicate their concerns and progress to you. If desired and needed, we will allow you to monitor counseling sessions.

Life Skills—We realize your 3-6 year olds are learning many new skills. We will help with potty training, proper eating habits, development of social skills and much more.

Therapy—We offer speech, occupational and physical therapy to our students. We strive to offer solutions and help to cater to the whole child.

Spanish Classes—We offer Spanish classes to our students. Call us for more information.

You want the best education for your child, and we have the qualifications and tools to provide what your child needs. Give us a call right now.